A couple weeks ago I went to Yogyakarta, to attend some international conference, called IYPF 2011 (International Young Planners Forum). The conference held in Phoenix Hotel which is a very great venue. Here, I googled them, enjoy. Oh I forgot to tell ya, that conference last for 3 days (12-15th of July 2011).

Corridor at Hotel Phoenix
Swimming Pool at Hotel Phoenix

Great isn’t it? Well, the conference is okay. We shared knowledge to each other, to Asia-Pacific countries, like Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. I won’t tell stories about the conference, but I’ll tell ya the trip I was have in Jogja! Here we go…

In the first night, we went to Malioboro, buying – oh, sorry, not buying but shopping – things and accesories. It’s very cheap! I got ring that only cost 10k rupiahs! Can’t you imagine that? And some bangles priced 30k rupiahs. In bahasa, I would like to use this word, “kalap” hahaha.. I will tell you the detail about accesories later. And after shopping we just sitting around waiting for Arnold Tandipau, he is my college mate but in some condition he has to move to Jogja. AAAA. I MISS YOU ARNOLD :):)

From left to right: Me, Arnold, Pinkan, Tari, and Vidya

 In the second night we went to Alun-Alun Selatan. We play some games, like you know, walking with eyes closed and if you can walk through Pohon Beringin your wish will come true.  And the result, I lost, hahaha. After that we ride some (not so called) bicycle, I’m not sure, but we called them ODONG-ODONG yeahhhh… It was very fuuuuuuuun. We can’t stop laughing that night. Oh yes, and around Alun-Alun there are many food you can try, I ate Indomie and Pecel Lele and I think the sambel was quite good.

From left to right: Pinkan, PW is playing that game, Tari, and Me
Me and Vidya feel like princess while the boys (Gema, Ical, Pewe, Gilang) have to ‘move’ the odong-odong

After that I’m not quite sure where we have been gone. But for sure, we went to Bakpia Pathok 25 Industry, Dagadu, and Keraton Yogyakarta in the last day. Haha I lied, actually I remember but I’m very lazy to write a story ’bout that so I  will show you some pictures.

After buying Bakpia Pathok 25 riding becak, we were sitting around near Malioboro in one fine evening
After dine in the legendary House of Raminten
Keraton Yogyakarta (1)
Keraton Yogyakarta (2)
Keraton Yogyakarta (3)

End of the stories! Hahaha. This is my very first post in my “new” blog.  Jadi maap-maap aje nih ye kalo ada salah kate sama kaga seru, maklum udah lama euy gak nulis blog. Hahahaha. Yang dulu kemana ya blog-blognya kayanya banyak dah. Ya sudah lah, mulai sekarang mari kita menulis lagi biar makin pintar dan terasah otaknya.

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