Some photoshoot for my senior high school yearbook.

Place: Nurjan’s Grandma’s House
Models: Shinta Michiko Puteri, Nurjannah Ekaputri, Aditya Yudhistira
Photographer: Fatthy Amir
Makeup: Myself 🙂

Mansion, 2008

Umbrella: Nurjan’s Grandma

Rooftop, 2008

Mangga Dua or something (I forgot ;p)
My mom’s
Nurjan’s Grandma
Shoes: I forgot it too, but no branded kok hehe

Garden, 2008

For killing my time, I make this:

Supersampler Wannabe, 2010

 It seems I have failed on this first snapshot post, I totally forgot the brand or anything. Hahahaha.. Well, it’s because the picture is too old. Taken in 2008 and I’m not quite sure what am I wearing that day. Hahaha.. I’m not prepared it well, you can see I borrowed many Nurjan’s things hahaha.. Thanks to you Nurjannah. And keep on reading my blog readers, I wud post some more ;D

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