31th of August 2011

Well firstly I want to say, Happy Ied Mubarak for all who celebrate it! Yeay!

This year is the first time I celebrate it in Bandung, in my home at Dago Pakar. Yeay (again)! Usually my family and I stay in Jakarta and went to Oma Oton’s home to have halal bihalal with other family member. But different from the other year, this time, we went to Bandung, and we bring our cats! All four of them! And that makes us have to went in separate car. My dad and I with Mercedez, and my brother with my mom also the cats…using Avanza. The preparation went well, we are using handie talkie to contact the other car (you know what, that’s very cool side from my dad). Oia, this is my first time to go Mudik too, even so it’s just Bandung.. Hahahaha..

The Cousins! Kiri-Kanan Atas-Bawah : Jaka, Mahesa, Rama, Faisal, Nadya, Michiko, Sakti, August 2011

Picture above is the grandsons from Aki Usman (alm.) and Nini Ema. Unfortunately the oldest cousin named Kakak Imang (recently married) and her wife, had to celebrate Ied Mubarak at Majalengka and couldn’t come in that time.. So sad..

The Women! Kiri-Kanan Atas-Bawah : Ibu, Nini, Wa Lela, Bi Ifa, Nadya, Chiko, Wa Ocid, August 2011
Outdoor Session, August 2011
Indoor Session, August 2011

I hope I can have time like this again for another year, full team with Kakak Imang & Teh Ine (his wife) and hopefully with their first child! So that for the first time I’m gonna be an aunt! Yeay yeay yeay! We are waiting for the baby Kakak Imang hehehe..

One thought on “Happy Ied Mubarak 1432H Everyone!

  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful family with much love! Thank you for sharing.
    Please forgive my ignorance, but I want to learn…what is ‘Led Mubarak’? And what does it mean to you personally?
    Thank you,


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