Recently, I just lost someone who means a lot to me. It hurts, a lot, when you know that someone gave up on you. Truthfully, I don’t know how will I through this, but as I always believe. Time heals. Time always heals. But the question is, how long does it takes? For that question, I don’t know the answer. I hope I can heal as soon as possible.

Can I through this? Can I survive? The answer is yes. Have to. I have to go through this. For this past 2 days, I learn something that I forget for a long time ago.

I am so scared that if I went home that night, I will cry all night long. So I slept over at one of my best friend home, sebut saja namanya Pinkan, haha. Before went to her house, I had my dinner with her and her (let we just called him) boyfriend at Makan-Makan (oke I come back become mosquito for any couples, again, ha ha). I saw them, together, in their happiness. The look of their eyes, show, you know, the “love” look for each other. They’re just plainly sweet. I don’t know how, but my feelings, when saw they’re together, just…nice. I just forget how heart broken I am, that night just because I see how happy my friends are.

And okay, I was crying in the next day. Again. But, once again. That day, one of my best friend (thank god I have them all in my life, oia, her name can’t be mentioned, its her privay) went out with her, errrr, some guy who loves her all the time. Hahaha.. And seeing them togeher, make me happy and smile! (Again)

So, from what I see, I just find something new, I can feel my best friends happiness, and its just feels great. Really great. Now I know, I can create my own happiness.

Lost someone, doesn’t mean the end of the world. Life’s strange. Sometimes you’re on the top of the world, sometimes you’re just at the bottom of it. That’s how we called, the circle of life.

So, move on, get a life, and take chances!
Good music and good friend is all you need.
Live your life 🙂

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