From the very first time I had a boyfriend, I always want to do this. Let we called this Dream Date 1.1 ahahaha. Unfortunately, until now, I haven’t do that so called the dream date, I always have that regular date like watching cinema etc etc. So that I will write it down and I won’t forget if I have a boyfriend again, amin, I hope, later, it will be the last time deh. Capek deh pacaran putus stranger pacaran putus stranger (curcol lagi). Lama-lama gue minta ditaarufin aje dah. Hahahahaha.. Kaga-kaga. Ok, let’s start!

  1. Going to play ice skate together with holding hands! I know it’s lame. But it’s cute somehow (for the girls absolutely, haha). Doesn’t matter if the guy can’t play, since I can, so I will guide him if needed hauahahaha..
  2. See the stars at Planetarium, Taman Ismail Marzuki. Simple yet romantic. Last time I went there when I was in junior high, and since then, it’s always be my dream to go there with my boyfriend.
  3. Having time to get some exercise together at noon, either just walking or running surround my home.
  4. Going to the zoo and feed the animals.
  5. Pergi ke Monas, terus naik sampe yang paling atas. Itu seru. Ya gantinya Menara Eiffel kali yee..
  6. Go to some rock concert and going crazy! I just want to dancing like no other people watching. But still, I know I’ll be safe because he’s there for me, hahaha..
  7. Going to Alun-Alun at Jogja and ride odong-odong and eating there like having some picnic (very specific).
  8. Actually, there’s many left, but I just forgot it. I will update this thing if I remember.

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