Here’s some photoshoot I had 2 weeks ago. It’s for internal magazine for my organization at college, named Citizen. I’ll upload the page later — for sure — after it comes up!

Place: Lapangan Sipil, ITB
Models: Shinta Michiko Puteri dan Akbar Rizky Pratama
Photographer: Adzani Ardhanareswari Ameridyani
Makeup: No make up 😉

Top: Topshop loose stripe shirt (Azel’s)
Bottom: TRF Zara
Accessories: Days & Smoothies
Shoe: Hush Puppies

Ok, you’ve seen enough my face at this photoshoot, and I think you’re about to feel nauseous with it. Hahaha. So that, I’ll give you some shoot with my partner, called Abay! He’s my junior and one of the coolest designer ever, after Ali of course. Haha..

And photos below are my favorite from all the photos I uploaded here ❤

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