Hello guys! How are you? It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post in this blog. College was like hell, the tasks, the exams, urgh, everything. But finally those are over and right now I’m still enjoying my “not-so-called” holiday because you know what, I had my holiday cut from 1 month to 2 weeks by magister program thingy, yea I know it sucks. Still, I’m trying to write my blog in english, even I know my english still….sucks. So, I’m sorry if I still have a lot of mistakes in grammar or spelling or whatever. Why am I using the word “still” very much, didn’t I? Ok, now I am about to writing my real date number one (according to my previous post about dream date).

It was my dream, to have a date in ice rink, play some romantic ice skate, like holding hands while play ice skate, etc etc, just simple romantic, girls I know you know what I mean hehe.. And, I had this opportunity, in this not-so-called holiday, me and my new boyfriend (YEA YEA YEA! Yeap, I know I know, ok, I’ll tell about him later in de-tail haha) went to Taman Anggrek Mall to have ice skate! Woo hoo! Sounds exciting right? So, the story begin…

27th of December 2011

He was picking me up at my home (finally ya Mbil, hahaha!) like a real date, like a date should be, the boy pick up the girl at her home – but, a little late (it’s very him, hahaha). After he ate cake that my grandma gave him, we were ready to begin our adventure (lebay).

I don’t know how, but in travel, we stopped by at our elementary school, named SD Pembangunan Jaya in Bintaro (yeap, we went to same elementary school but we don’t know each other back then because we were in the different graduating year). We did some “napak tilas” and told stories about our childhood to each other. And after that we went to his old house in Bintaro. And took some photograph, here you can see some of that.

SD Pembangunan Jaya
Him and his old house

And the big news is, we were in the same car pooling (let me called that because I don’t know in english, but in bahasa we called that by anter jemput) when we was in the age of elementary school. Hahaha, it was surprising because we really didn’t know each other when we were a kid but we did meet every day in that pool car, hahahaha. One of the strange facts about us.

After we arrived at MTA, we saw Auntie Anne’s Pretzel and bought some. Not like other high-class couple, we ate pretzels by sitting in the outside of the ice rink (in bahasa we called this by ngemper or ngalay, hahaha). We had no shame at all. Oke here is tip number one when you want to have a date in Mall Taman Anggrek Ice Rink: Auntie Anne’s Pretzel is a have-to-buy item, so add it to your list. Oh, with cheese dip is an absolutely perfect match for the pretzel. It’ll add the sweetness to your sweet date.

Me with almond pretzel
Him with original pretzel
Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perfect

Next, we had to standing in the line to wait locket open. Here is some things you better keep in note, the ticket’s price is Rp 48.000,- for 2 hours per one person and that also include shoe rental. In weekday, you can have it for Rp 42.000,-. So, if you guys, want to try this type of date, better if you prepare some money guys, because the date aint cheap at all. Rule number two is absolutely bring enoug money. And rule number three is don’t forget to bring socks and gloves also wear jacket and jeans.

Here there are, my dream date is about to becoming real….

In my dream: Have a date in ice rink, play some romantic ice skate, like holding hands while play ice skate, etc etc, like I was said before.

Reality: We were sucks. Hahahahahaha.. None of us could play ice skate well. We were in average errr or sucks rate? Hahaha I don’t know. Ok, I’m just tired to use english, hahahaha.. Ya, jadi kita ngelanjutin main ice skating dengan skill yang pas-pasan dengan keadaan hampir jatoh yang cukup sering khususnya buat gue, kalo dia ya sekali-kali lah hampir jatohnya. Usaha romantis pol yang bisa kita lakukan adalah sebatas muter-muter dengan pegangan tangan, itu juga sambil kagok jalannya sambil jaga-jaga keseimbangan biar gak jatoh, hahahah culun lah pokoknya.

Dengan keculunan kita berdua, kita mau nyoba suatu adegan romantis kaya di film-film, dimana ada yang skate mundur dan megangin tangan pasangannya dari depan kaya semacam ngajarin gitu (kebayang ngga?) terus pas kita nyoba…. Jeng jeng jeng jeng. Gagal. Boro-boro jalan mundur, berpindah aja ngga. Hahaha. Usaha kita ga selese sampe disitu, akhirnya kita mengakalinya agar tetap terlihat romantis. Harusnya: Satu pasangan berskate mundur menarik pasangannya agar pasangannya itu skate maju. Namun agar terlihat romantis, ini yang kita lakukan: Dia di depan gue, kita berhadapan, akhirnya gue skate maju mendorong dia dari tangan, sehingga seolah-olah dia menarik gue secara romantis, hahahaha.. Oke ini salah satu kebegoan yang kita lakukan, tolol. Akhirnya kita cuma bisa ketawa-ketawa berdua doang.. Gagal romantis.

Sempet kepotong sama istirahat karena arena harus dilapis es dulu, kita makan ala kadarnya dan buat yang mau nge-date disini, rule number four definitely you have to eat first before you play. Soalnya makanan disitu mahal dan porsinya dikit (ga worthed banget deh pokoknya). Abis istirahat dan makan kita lanjut main dan udah agak lancar dari awal main tadi, ditambah arenanya jadi lebih gede karena udah ga dipake latihan sama atlet lagi.

Yang lucu disini, pas gue lagi di pinggir ice rink (di yang ada pegangannya, oia pacar gue lagi keliling sendirian), ada anak kecil yang meraba-raba pegangannya karena masih gabisa kali ya, sendirian dia. Kasian. Terus karena gue agak males berpindah tempat, pas dia nyampe samping gue, gue kasih tangan gue (maksudnya biar dia bisa tetep ngelanjutin main di pinggir tanpa gue harus maju dulu). Eh tiba-tiba dia jalan maju ke depan, dengan tangan dia yang pegangan tangan ke gue mau kaga mau gue ikutin nemenin dia. Kayak ngasuh bocah nemenin dia keliling. Terus datenglah pacar gue yang ganteng itu, dan agak shock dia liat gue gandengan sama bocah tak dikenal. Tiba-tiba bocah ucul itu ngasih tangan satunya ke tangan pacar gue. Jadilah gue, pacar gue, dan bocah kecil tak dikenal bergandengan tangan bertiga layaknya keluarga muda bahagia uhuk uhuk bermain ice skating. Hahahahaha, pengalaman yang unik.

Oia, tambahan adegan romantis yang bisa kita lakukan: Dia didepan, tangannya ke belakang megang kedua tangan gue dan gue diem dan dia yang melaju, wuhu, itu seru dan sedikit, yaa boleh lah dibilang romantis. Hahahaha.. Here some photos taken by us or some random girl we asked to take a picture of us.

Fandri in ice rink
Me in ice rink
Mbilmbam (sok imut)

So the conclusion is:

  1. You have to buy Auntie Anne’s Pretzel (almond is the recommended one) with cheese dip for perfect match.
  2. Bring enough money and socks plus gloves. Don’t forget to wear jacket and jeans, because its bloody cold in the ice rink.
  3. Eat first before you play, the foods sucks in the canteen (in my humble opinion).
  4. Just be yourself and have fun go mad with your plus one. If you can’t make moves exactly like in the movie, make your own romantic scene!

So that is my story, how about yours? Hehehe :p

Dream date number one, accomplished!

4 thoughts on “Real Date Number 1: Ice Skating

  1. Hahaha, makasih Naaa.. ❤
    Iya lah gue juga kaget apalagi pas kerumahnya yang dulu,
    Jengjengjeng dejavu banget njir ternyata seanter jemput udah gak paham lagi, hahaha

    Ayo kamu juga cerita donggg gimana liburanmu sama Mas DK itu hahahaha 😀


    1. Melakukan apaan nih? Main ice skating? Gak terlalu unyu kok, biasa aja, hahaha.. Aku juga pernah main sama tmn2 aku ada cewe ada cowonyaa, asik2 ajaa 😀


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