The day after I and my boyfriend went to play ice skate, we planned to go to Planetarium and Monas. But because of something, and it was afternoon already, we just went to Monas (Monumen Nasional). This one is shorter than before.

28th of December 2011

Yeap, we arrived at Monas at 3.15pm after had a long travel from Bintaro to Jakarta (traffic, lost way, etc). At first, we don’t know where were the entrance, and after we found the entrance, the bad news is we couldn’t go to Monas peak because, the locket was closed at 3.00pm. WE WERE JUST 15 MINUTES FU**IN’ LATE, so it was sucks.

So we did something we didn’t plan before. We rented tandem bicycle (Rp 20.000,- for 30 minutes) and we were playing around Monas. It was cool, really. You should try it guys. But again, maybe we are really didn’t fit for romantic couple, he was trying so hard when he was riding bike in front of me. We nearly fell  down, hahahaa.. Aaa, there are some video that we took when we were riding tandem bicycle, but can’t upload it, to be honest, its because I don’t understand how, hahaha..

And here some photos we took after riding the bicycle.

Ya itu ga keliatan Monas-nya, tapi ngerti lah ya kalau itu kita foto di Monas 😀
Aren’t us lovely? Kikikikk :3
Gak bohong tapi jidat laki gue gede banget bisa dipake maen bola keknya

After 30 minutes, we took a walk in some park. Just spending time together, sit and lay down for a while. Saw the beautiful sky, looked for kites hanging in there, etc. Here you can look for the pictures, hehehe.. He and I, we are so cute together, don’t we? Hihihi :p

Laying down in the park
Sitting in the parkkkkkk omantishh :3

Before we went home, we were heading to some place that had deer in there. You guys definitely have to go there. The deers were so cute! Looks exactly like Bambi from the Disney movie.

Bambi! (1)
Bambi! (2)

Yea, it went dark already and when we wanted to going home, shoooottttt, we were trapped in Monas because the 3 in 1 rules thingy in Jakarta. Okay, then, we couldn’t go home. While waiting for 7.00pm to come, he trained me to drive manual car and swear to God, it was hard, really hard. I just can’t stand with it, manual car. All hail automatic car hehehe..

After spent time to learn manual car, our stomach spoke up. We were hungry like crazy. What did we do back then? We took a walk from Monas to Sarinah Plaza, a walk for the record (not by Transjakarta or taxi or bajaj). Walked, holding hands, romantic (lebay). Hahaha.. Plus, we did take a photograph with a handsome police randomly. Hihi.. And yea, we ate like a pig in Hoka-Hoke Bento Sarinah Plaza 😀

With the policeman!

So here, are tips for you if you want to have a date in Monas:

  1. Absolutely arrive before 3.00pm, hahaha..
  2. Bring your camera.
  3. Save your time to sit and lay down in the park, together see the beautiful sky and the kites that hanging in there.
  4. Please look carefully to your watch, beware of 3 in 1 rules, you have to go home before 4.30pm. Or if you don’t, you have to wait until 7.00pm.
  5. Recommended for take a walk in Jakarta and randomly to take photograph with police, hihi.. Kapan lagi?
Makan monas aaaamm
Mau sok-sokan foto India tapi gagal
Baju barooong dan baju baliiii ❤ matching ngalay
Cama-cama pake cendal pittt :3

So last thing I wanna say is, I want to thank to my super boyfriend, to make my dream date become real (setidaknya beberapa terpenuhi walaupun tidak persis seperti apa yang dibayangkan, hahaha). You really are a superman, hahahaha.. Thank you thank you thank you. For this super holiday I never had before 😀

PS: I won’t forget about the “secretary” thingy by the way Mbil, hahahaha.

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