This random thought, popped in because of I spent the last view days of my short holiday with my little brother. Well, the thought is: whoever woman that will marry my brother, sure she is a luckiest woman alive in the world.

Why I can say that? Because first: He is a very good moslem, he loves to pray in the middle of the night (sholat malam) and choose to not eat (puasa) in Monday & Thursday, and always pray five times a day absolutely. Oh, and also, he likes to reading quran when he has time to do it. Well, I feel shame because I still can’t like him 😦

Second is, she loves his family very much. Not just my mom & dad, but the whole big family. He was willing to take and drop off my grand mother and her sister to some events. He bought them bread (to show his caring to the elder, cute isn’t it?). Sometimes he bought our other grandma books, islamic books. Ooh, and he loves to call my mom when he leaves home and ask what she needs and tell her he can bought or brought the needs home.

Well, not just that. The brain is brilliant (I don’t know how he did it, but his Calculus got AB since I just got C). He was not that good in elementary, he was a bad kid. What he could do, he was playing all day long, play station, bike, etc. And every day, every day, he and I, we almost every day, pick a fight. Damn. Hahahaha.. But he changed when he was in the high school. He turns out to be a very diligent student, and voila! Here he is, he turn in to ITB with Special Way (Jalur Undangan) because his raport was awesome. And now he is still studying in the first year in FTMD ITB.

He’s smart, but I think he’s not that kind of “student oriented” thing. He loves to play games, very much. Whenever I come to his room in Bandung, I look him playing PES 2010 or something like that. He also likes to go to Warnet (Warung Internet) to play Ragnarok. Very freak -_-” hahaha..

Smart and loves to play games, didn’t make him not have friends. He has many friends, well don’t imagine his friend is like it girl or it boy gang. But yea cool friends that he comfortable with (just like me :D). He likes to catch up with his high school friend in this holiday, another sweetness of my brother ❤

His specialty, he counts very much, he likes to count like everything. Sometimes it looks like he is pelit (I don’t know pelit in english) but sometimes it makes him like a grow up man who can considering everything with carefully.

Hmm sports? Well he can do futsal, he likes to play that with his high school friend. Music? Well he play guitar and piano a bit by learning by himself. Very different from me, I just can’t do sport and gave up on music (I learned piano for 7 years fyi, and now poffff its all gone, hahaha).

I’m just very jealous in what he has and he could do. I really mean this, but absolutely, my brother is my another role model (besides my dad) for me to be a better person or to choose a husband. Well, if I can just marry my bro or my dad, hahaha..

Well I don’t know, I’m just sad. It supposed me to inspired him, since I’m the elder sister and he’s the little brother, right? I just feel shame. Will my brother or my other family member said this to my future husband: you are the luckiest man alive to have Chiko. Hahaha I don’t think so. I think he will be the most unluckiest (udah most, belakangnya lucky pake -est lagi, very bad grammar) man in the world (sneak peak I still can’t cook).

Well, this writing turns out to tell you stories about my little brother. Actually I’m gonna write about love, relationship, marriage, family, and stuffs. Hahahaha.. Well I could write that later.

Three words, eight letter, that I won’t say in the real world (too shy xixixi) and I know he won’t read my blog (so I can write in this post). I love you, Dek! Adek Rama Primadi Putera 😉


See ya later alligator!

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