Quick post, just want to share my to-do-list for the wedding. This post and the other post more like for self-reminder. Hehe..

Get Started

[V] Pick the date and region
[V] Figure out budget and vendor survey
[V] Decide on concept, colours, theme
[V] Consider use a wedding organizer
[V] Shop for wedding gifts (seserahan)
[X] Plan and book honeymoon trip
[X] Organize family committee
[X] Prepare unpredictable budget
[X] Get marriage license


[V] Book ceremony site
[V] Book reception venue
[V] Book officiant


[X] Make guest list and address
[V] Order invitations
[X] Block out hotel rooms
[X] Send invitations

Photography and Videography

[V] Book photographers and videographers
[X] Take pre-wedding photo
[X] Confirm and send shotlist

Attire, Beauty, and Rings

[V] Book make-up artists
[V] Book hair-stylists
[V] Survey pemandu adat
[V] Buy fabric for wedding attire
[V] Make an appointment with designer
[V] Buy wedding rings
[X] Have kebaya fitting
[X] Buy dress accesories

Food and Beverages

[V] List buffet and stall menu
[X] Food testing for buffet menu
[V] Book reception musicians

Flower and Decoration

[V] Book florist and decor
[X] Choose floral design
[X] Prepare DIY decor

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